ReGULATE Your Own Nervous System

CReATE Safety From Within the Body

EMBoDY Your Most Empowered Self



Imagine a reality where....

An inconvenient trigger happens, something someone says something condescending to you, you see a triggering social media post, someone projects their anger onto you, your frustrated with a phone call with a family member....

....and instead of being run by your nervous system, your patterns of reaction and overwhelmed by emotional intensity, you have a plan to return to your power, quickly and effectively.

You begin to shift your attention from your racing thoughts to your physiological state and you know exactly how to tend to and move your body to discharge the sympathetic (fight/flight) energy and activate your vagus nerve (aka your relaxation response) to get you back to a calm and present state.

That's what's possible in learning The Energetics of Embodiment....

I know what it feels like to be alone in your healing journey and to feel like you’ve done all the things for your personal growth and evolution, yet something is missing. I know what it feels like to feel like you have unpredictable control over your body’s reactions, which leads to increased disconnection, anxiety and mistrust of yourself. Ouch, we’ve all been there!

You watch the repetitive patterns keep playing out….

  • Judging yourself for not having "grown past this trigger" by now.

  • Cycles of burnout, overwhelm and collapse.

  • Being hard on yourself for the reaction to your triggers.

  • Feeling overwhelmed with your emotional experience and anxiety.

  • Feeling like you’re in survival mode all the time and not sure how to break the cycles of exhaustion and depletion.

  • Dissociating from your body when you get stressed and overwhelmed because the body doesn’t feel safe.

You know your body is intelligent, but at times seems to be working against you. You may experience symptoms and pain in the body, like gut issues, back pain or pelvic floor dysfunction, and find it hard to feel safe in your body. Did you know that research now shows that gut issues are inevitable in anyone with a history of trauma?


  • Understanding the importance of how to ACTIVaTE your vagus nerve to STReNGTHEN your relaxation response and and regulate YoUR OWN nervous system.

  • Going from DISSoCIATION to EMBoDIMENT.

  • Becoming the director of YoUR LiFE force energy and getting your chi (or prana) back into your body to create your life with confidence, clarity and focus.

  • Learning how to EMBoDY being your most EMPOWeRED Self.

  • Embodying a healthy response to dealing with YoUR TRiGGERS when disregulated.

  • Going from SURVIVAL MoDE to creation of your LIFE MoDE.

  • Finding SAFeTY from within, so you stop seeking it outside yourself.

  • Going from OVERWHeLM to emotional REGuLATION .

  • Building the capacity and resilience of your nervous system to handle STRoNGER EXPERiENCES without being taken down.


  • Have done work on yourself and know there's still more at A SUBTLE and DEEP LEVEL because the pattern still shows up.

  • Long to HEAL the patterns of dissociation and disempowerment.

  • Have a tendency to OVER-GIVE and deplete yourself and have a hard to setting and/or holding your boundaries to earn love.

  • Are willing to FEEL what you’ve been avoiding.

  • Recognize the patterns in your nervous system are DEPLETING your energy.

  • Have done much healing work and FEEL there is something missing.

  • Sense the timing is now to full EMBODY your Highest Self and are done with your old way of being.

  • Are WILLING TO take responsibility for your reactions.

  • Understand how to REGULATE your nervous system through vagus nerve activation (strengthening your relaxation response).

  • Are ready to TAKE UP space in your life and get want to move from surviving to thriving.

  • Want to be able to TRANSMUTE intense emotions through the body.

My name is


  • My Doctorate is in Physical Therapy, I’m a Holistic Somatic Therapist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Reiki Energy Healer.

  • My gifts for you are grounded in science, intuitive and practical.

After about 3 years of being in the orthopedic Physical Therapy world, I realized that there was A LOT missing in western science education. I started my own business and was deeply interested in how emotions affect the body. I spent the next 10+ years studying the Nervous System (Polyvagal Theory), Somatic Therapy and Reiki Energy Healing. I’ve studied many forms of Hatha Yoga, but find that Kundalini Yoga is the most efficient and effective way of clearing and activating life force energy in the body.

I realized that whether we are:

  • Reprogramming the subconscious mind.

  • Transmuting emotions.

  • Unraveling physical discomfort.

  • Accessing the inner child.

….the common denominator it that we have to go through the BODY!


  • Be confronted with an unexpected trigger and to feel frustrated with not knowing a way out of your emotional experience.

  • Ignore the signs of my body and intuition and end up in adrenal exhaustion, defeat and the depths of depletion.

  • Be overwhelmed with anxiety, fear and mistrust of yourself.

  • Not know how to transmute all the emotional pain and trauma that’s stored in the body.


No ONE is going to do this for me!

No ONE can take away this pain for me.

I’m THe oNE that has to learn how my nervous system works to learn self-regulation.

I’m THe oNE that has to set boundaries to stop being retraumatized.

  • Consistently discharge the energy of my over-activated sympathetic nervous system (anxiety, fear, anger) through my body, so I could save my body from going into a freeze (shutdown) response.

  • I learned how to master my energy body, so I was in charge of conserving my precious energy, to avoid depletion.

  • I became a vessel to embody my Highest Self.

  • I went from surviving mode to thriving and creation mode.


This is the program most people need to really land in their body to sustain the effects of deep healing. I realize I am lucky to have been in the healing and therapy worlds for 20 years, being well-resourced with my life on Kauai with tools and practices to get me through some of my dark nights of the Soul. On a daily basis, I dip myself in a cold river, swim in the ocean, hike on one of the planet’s most beautiful trails and watch sunsets. I realize I’m very blessed and I’m well aware at this point this island helps me hold the energy and container for leading others through this process. It gave me the capacity to not only hold and empower myself at the deepest level, but to guide others to do the same.

  • 1 Year Membership to YogaDoctors.TV (100+ video practices)

  • 60+ self-regulation tools